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St Marys Park, Prestwich

Visit St Marys Park and listen to stories told by members from The Friendship Circle.

St Marys Park 

St Mary's Park is divided by Bury New Road into the flower park and the playing field, with a total area of 6.81 hectares. 

The flower park opened in the late 1920's and still contains a number of its original horticultural features, including a layout of formal beds. This area of the park is a quiet place to sit and relax and is bordered by Prestwich Clough. It is a good place to watch wildlife, or as a starting point to head off into the clough.

The Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle enriches the lives of children and adults with disabilities in the community through a range of fully integrated social and recreational programmes. These experiences are essential building blocks for each individual to gain skills, confidence and lead a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Together with our vast network of volunteers we encourage a culture of understanding and acceptance, helping to transform the landscape of attitudes of towards people with disabilities.

Story Audio 

Story Strides Friendship Cricle_edited.j
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