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Stubbins, Ramsbottom

Visit Stubbins and listen to stories told by members from Rammy Men


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Rammy Men

RammyMen was dreamed up in October 2016 as yet another close friend was packed away in a box after taking his own life.

In the past our town was a whole community. You would live alongside your cousins, uncles, brothers and mates; you would work with people from three doors down, play in the brass band and the cricket team, you'd go to the footy on Saturday, and round to your auntie's after church for Sunday dinner. 

So our aim is to help get back our community identity and sense of purpose. It is to recreate the relationships that used to exist in our society, but somehow drifted away. We do that through bringing people together, through creating, organising and running activities that anyone can get involved with, man or woman.

Story Audio 

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