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The Burrs Country Park, Bury

Visit The Burrs Country Park and listen to stories told by The Sunnywood Squad Youth Programme

Burrs Country Park

Burrs Country Park lies on the River Irwell covering an area of 36 hectares of scenic countryside, one mile north west of Bury town centre. Burrs has been awarded a Green Flag.

Burrs features a wide variety of different wildlife habitats - woodland, open space, wetland, ponds and waterways. The park is a great place to visit, an ideal spot for a range of activities including walking, fishing, picnicking, bird watching and nature study. The park owes part of its existence to Bury's industrial past, many remnants of which still exist today.

The Sunnywood Project

The Sunnywood Project is a non-profit outdoor education and events provider.  

Combining arts and nature, we promote a love of the great outdoors through a variety of events, conservation and educational programmes stimulating a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle for those living in Bury, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and surrounding areas.

Story Audio 

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